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How to Use:

Wet it!  Wring it! Wipe it!  The original Streakfree Cloth works best when damp.  No need to wipe surface dry. The microfiber All Purpose Terry Cloth and Eyeglass Cloth can also be used dry for dusting and polishing. The new Super Shammy cloths work great for drying surfaces and soaking up spills.

Cloth Care:

The cloth can be used over and over and over again.  Just rinse, wring out, and the cleaning goes on.  When it gets really dirty:

  • Hand wash with dish soap in hot water and rinse completely [or]
  • Machine wash with laundry detergent (wash with like colors and low-lint fabrics)
  • You can use bleach but it will shorten the life of the cloth (NEVER use bleach on the All Purpose Terry Cloth)
  • NEVER use fabric softener as it creates a film on the cloth
  • Air dry for best results

Please note: Sometimes the cloth will streak when it is first used.  This is caused by debris accumulated during the manufacturing and shipping of the product.  If streaking does occur, wash the cloth using detergent and allow to air dry.  Resume using the cloth with streakfree results.

Limited Warranty:

Streakfree Products will replace free of charge any cloth that fails within 3 years after purchase. This warranty excludes claims for incidental or consequential damages.

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